Here are some commonly asked questions regarding firewood?


What is a cord of firewood?


A cord of firewood is a unit measurement of Length x Width x height.  The most common measurement is 4 feet wide x 4 feet high x 8 feet long = 128 cubic feet.  This measurement can be made a variety of ways.

stack of measured cord wood

What is seasoned firewood?


Seasoning firewood is the process in which wood spends several months air drying so that it is ready to burn properly in your fireplace.  Optimum fuel moisture for wood to burn most efficiently in your fireplace is 15 - 20% with moisture levels up to 25% be acceptable.  Moisture levels higher than that will cause your wood to burn poorly with more energy being used to dry the wood during burning than actually heating your home.  The use of a moisture meter is essential in determining the fuel moisture of the wood you are purchasing.

Busy Beavers will provide a moisture reading for the wood you order upon request.

moisture me

What is the difference between types of wood?


Firewood varies by species.  Some varieties of wood are better than others in producing heat for your home.  Hardwoods like Cherry and Apple produce a lot of heat but leave a lot of ash in your stove.  Ponderosa pine is much lighter but produces a lot of creasote which can cause your chimney to plug much quicker than the other species.  See the list below for details of wood in our area:


Species                             Weight/cord          Million BTU/cord

Apple                                       3,485                    31.6

Western Larch (Tamarack)         3,145                    28.7

Douglas-fir                               2,805                    26.5

Lodgepole Pine                         2,465                    22.3

Ponderosa Pine                         2,380                    21.7

So what do I do if my fireplace and chimney needs to be cleaned?


Having contact with a knowlegable Chimney Sweep is important in maintaining an efficiently burning wood stove.  Master Sweep Chimney Service located in Tonasket Wa. is an outstanding buisness that can keep your fireplace working properly for worry free days when its cold outside.