All year long, Busy Beavers offers cord wood, bulk firewood bags, campfire bundles, boxed kindling/tinder and packaged sawdust. Call or text now to schedule a delivery with us at 1-509-560-3064. You can also click on the "place order" button to leave us an email.

Due to changing prices of firewood logs that are being shipped to us, the prices of cord wood may increase at short notice.  For more details see our blog page.

processed pile of big sticks cord wood
Big Sticks Cord Wood

Busy Beavers offers Big Sticks cord wood all year around. Our cord wood is cut to your desired length and is split down to 6 inch rounds, unless otherwise specified.  Rounds can be left whole up to approximately 11 inches and pieces can be cut up to 23 inches long. We can deliver up to approximately 2 cord per load in our dump trailers and the deliver fee is per trip, not per cord.


Big Sticks sell for $180.00 per cord plus .50 cents per mile round trip for delivery. Price includes splitting.  Delivery prices may vary to your home. 


Current inventory: Primarily Douglas-fir

firelite campfire wood bundles
Firelite Campfire Bundles and Bagged kindling


Busy Beavers offers campfire bundles all year round from multiple locations throughout Eastern Washington and Idaho.  Our pallets contain 48 bundles that are strapped and wrapped to keep them dry.  The tarps act as a solar kiln guaranteeing dry wood when your ready to use it. 

Our kindling is packaged for wholesalers only but can be purchased directly.  Ask about our packaged kindling when you inquire about the bundles.

Firelites may be purchased directly from us at $3.50 per bundle, there is no minimum purchase.

Wholesale businesses: Call for pricing and delivery of both bundles and kindling

busy beavers sawdust
42 gallon sawdust bags
Beaver Dust (sawdust/shavings)


This is perfect for livestock bedding and chicken pens, compost piles and weed block.  It also works well in holding in moisture around bedded plants and in gardens.



  • Large 42 gallon heavy duty lawn bags

      $5.00 per bag​

  • Dump Trailer - $100.00

Bins of Kindling & Tinder

Never split kindling again!  Our kindling varies in length and size and is guaranteed to start your fire every time.  The bins are covered so that moisture cannot get in. We can set aside large amounts of kindling and tinder in bins and have the product in stock.  We can load your pickup from our site.

$50.00 per bin

boxes of firestarte (kindling and tinder)
Boxed Kindling & Tinder


We package our kindling and smaller pieces of wood into large egg shipping boxes.  This material is the perfect size for starting your fires. 


$5.00 per box

bins of log end pieces
Bins of Log End Pieces


During the processing of firewood, we pull out all the small ends of the logs that do not make a piece of firewood longer than 12 inches.  These pieces of wood are perfect for just about any fire you can think of.  They are typically a mix of sizes and species.

Pricing: $30.00 per bin