Today we are officially open for business! We are excited to be venturing into a new avenue as a small business. I want to give you a little back ground on how Busy Beavers Firewood came to be.

My husband and I have been youth pastors for Valley Christian Fellowship in Oroville, Washington since 2002. In 2004, my husband came up with a fundraising program selling firewood as a way to raise money for the youth program. Loads of logs were donated by local loggers for many years then as our clientele increased, our need for log decks also increased so we began purchasing logs in 2009. In 2007 a man in our church suggested we sell firewood bundles in addition to selling cord wood and for a short period of time Zoesel Lumber donated mill ends to the youth program for building bundles. Over the years we have built a steadily growing list of clientele and have made a lot of fun memories with the teens while working hard to supply firewood to the Northern Okanogan Valley communities. The money previously raised for the youth program has funded many out of town trips to youth events in places like Portland Oregon, Redmond Washington, Camp Spalding, and other church camps in Pend Oreille County as well as funding local youth events and activities. This fall the firewood fundraiser was turned over to us to be used as a personal small business because our church could no longer insure the fundraising program due to liability reasons.

We would like to personally thank everyone who has supported the G20 HEAT Firewood Fundraising Program over the course of nine years. THANK YOU to Zosel Lumber, Will Logging, White Logging, Double A Logging, and Pioneer Logging for your donations and paid services. THANK YOU to our past and current bundle distributors: 76 Quick Mart in Oroville, the Qwick Mart in Oroville, Veterans Memorial Park in Oroville, the Conconully General Store in Conconully, Sonora Point in Tonasket, Liars Cove in Conconully, Hughes Ace Hardware in Oroville, The Junction in Tonasket, and the Republic Chevron in Republic. THANK YOU to every private individual who purchased cord wood and bundles over the years, we appreciate your business. THANK YOU to every person who provided food or drinks for the hardworking crew of teens. THANK YOU to every young person who gave their time and effort to raise money, you all did a great job! THANK YOU to every adult who volunteered to help the teens with firewood. THANK YOU to every person who has supported and encouraged our efforts. THANK YOU to Valley Christian Fellowship for supporting and hosting the G520 Heat Firewood Fundraiser Program for the past nine years. We wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for every single one of you!

Busy Beavers Firewood would like to reassure our customers and clients that the quality of our wood and our service will remain the same.


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