Gearing up for the 2016 firewood season

It seems early to be thinking about filling up the wood shed for this coming winter, but actually, now is the perfect time to start the planning process. Last summer's fires and industrial precaution levels left many home owners scrambling to fill the wood shed. We here at Busy Beavers were inundated with orders which pushed some home owners to have to wait for firewood deliveries up to 5 weeks. This problem can easily be solved by planning ahead.

We provide firewood year round and can begin the process of filling up that empty wood shed for this coming winter. To begin the process, simply call and place your order and we will take care of the rest. We will cut your firewood to your specifications and work hard to keep the length within a half inch of your desired length. If you have a specific way you like your wood split then let us know and we can accomodate that as well. We can deliver from 1/2 cord to 2 full cords per load to meet your firewood need.

We here at Busy Beavers strive to provide quality wood and service to each home owner that orders firewood. Working together, we will provide you with the wood you need so you can stay warm during those cold winter months.

Busy Beavers

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