Busy Like a Beaver

So, its that time of year where we have shorter days and less daylight to get work done. So, I

included a couple photos of us at work when the daylight is getting low, or non-existent. This time of year is extremely tough to get the orders out and meet the demand. It is important to plan ahead for your wood heating needs. Here are a couple tips that you can do to make sure your woodshed is full this time of year and, perhaps, not have to be on a waiting list while the beaver is cutting wood at nite.

1. Order your wood in the spring for early delivery - this can be green wood that you cure yourself or dry wood that is ready to burn. It will all depend on what your wood provider has available.

2. Plan now for what you will need next winter - If you think you will only need 3-4 cord, order a little extra. It never hurts to have a little left over in the spring, and if we get a long cold winter, you could have plenty to last.

3. Set money aside for your wood in the spring and early summer so when its time to get your wood, you have the cash on hand.

We would like to thank all our customers who are patient with us while we work hard to get your wood to you so your able to stay warm through the winter.

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