Varied Cost of Raw Firewood Material

Firewood is firewood is firewood, isn't it?

Did you ever stop and think about the "where and how" about the firewood that is coming to your door from your firewood provider? All firewood has a story in regards to where it came from and the cost to produce it so you have a product that keeps you and your family warm throughout the winter season. At this point in this conversation, we can talk about the following:

1. The legality of the firewood being purchased or cut (permitted or stolen)

2. The cost of hauling logs from a timber sale in the mountains to a processing site

3. The cost of holding inventory of green logs to season out, or dry firewood logs to process

4. The time and cost of manufacturing and delivering firewood to your door.

Etc, etc...

For now, I'm going to address the cost involved in moving logs from a timber sale located in the mountains to a processing site.

Most of our logs come to us from timber sale sites located in the Okanogan Highlands. The cost of "trucking" these logs from the harvest site to the processing yard can be fairly minimal. But the farther out the sale is located, the more the cost increases to truck it to the processing site. In addition, green logs that would go to a mill as "chip" material can be more readily available than dry firewood logs. Not every site being harvested has dry firewood logs on it so having dry logs for winter availability can be a challenge, and can increase the cost of trying to get those dry logs so that you, the consumer, has dry firewood to burn now.

Because of the increased cost to haul logs from locations farther away, or to get good firewood logs that may cost more than "green chip wood", we may have to adjust the cost of a cord of wood. We can only absorb so much cost until it becomes non-profitable for us, which in turn means no more firewood provider, and as a business, that's unacceptable to us. Our goal is to provide good quality firewood year round. If the price increases, only know that its due to the desire to have firewood in stock so you don't run out when its cold outside.

One way of reducing that cost to you, is for you purchase your firewood from spring to late summer. This would typically be green firewood that would season at your residence. Green logs cut into firewood pieces will season much quicker than if it stays in log form at our processing site. This will guarantee seasoned firewood to you when you need it during the winter months.

Hopefully this helps increase the understanding of why things cost the way they do from this perspective and that its not just to increase cost for profits on our end, but that it costs time and money to produce a product that meets your need and keeps you warm throughout the winter season.

Next time, I'll address some of the other subjects listed above and others when time permits.

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